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新的长城,装置 / 表演,Gerðarsafn,2016
“新的长城” 是在Gerðarsafn美术馆的一个装置和表演作品,装置由1000根浇注成兵马俑形象的红色蜡烛矩阵组成。蜡烛被从前到后依次点燃直至燃烧殆尽。用血肉筑起的“新的长城”在当代被赋予着新义。学校是我们的母体,网络是我们的战场,筑起城墙的一砖一瓦来自每一个投身其中燃烧自己的个体。我们一模一样,我们向往灿烂,我们肩负使命,我们保家卫国,我们血肉模糊,我们仇恨异类。谁不爱我们就要他灭亡。
The new Great Wall,installation / performance,Listasafn Kópavogs Gerðarsafn,2016
The new Great Wall is a performance I made for the MA graduation show in Listasafn Kópavogs. I mould wax into the Chinese ancient terracotta soldier protecting the grave of the king(Bing Ma Yong) and arrange them in an array. During the performance, I light those candles one by one and chant the song of Communist Young Pioneers. Until those candles died out and turn into a red mass.  In the national anthem, it says “to use our flesh and blood to build a new Great Wall”. Today, media and school have shaped our mind like the mould of the candle. We devoted our flesh and blood and burn everything for the invisible new Great Wall. We look the same, we hate the alien, we defend the moral. Who doesn’t agree, cut them down!

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