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城市的像素 — 中国农民工,视频 / 信息设计 / 书,2013

City Pixels — Migrant workers in China,Infomation design / animation / book,2013
This is an information research and design project that introducing the life situation and history of the migrant workers(internal) in China. Migrant worker is a group in China that moved from the countryside to the city area in order to have a better income and life condition. They are called “farmer-worker” in China. The number of this group reached 287 million in 2017. Due to various factors, migrant workers are facing a series of problems in life. In the research, we interviewed 50 migrant workers about their life and dream. According to their stories and numerous data, we got a rough image of this group. To some extent, their life mapped the landscape of China’s society-the huge contradiction between the enormous society mass and the rapid development of urbanization. They are like pixels on the huge picture. So we decided to use “pixel” as the key element to present the information. We made an animation using pixel illustration to tell the story in a funny way. So that the viewer will not get depressed through this heavy topic. This project won the first prize in the competition organized by ARCH+ and the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau.

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