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Keynatura©️ 冰岛保健品牌,品牌视觉/策划/产品/网站,2017
Keynatura 是一家冰岛的微藻保健品公司,生产虾青素补充剂。在培育的微藻中提取虾青素是该公司的核心技术。无事为该公司提供了整套营销策划和视觉设计。我们从海藻细胞的形态中提取圆形点阵图案,拼贴成冰岛版图作为标识图形。采用虾青素中的橘,红,黑色作为公司主题色彩,辅以冰川,熔岩为主题的图片,展现出该公司产品来自冰岛,纯净天然,充满能量,让世界更健康的宗旨。在包装设计中充分考虑了胶囊产品的特性,采用了环保铝材和凸印技术,并融入了三文鱼肉的纹理,体现出虾青素是三文鱼肉中的主要营养成分的特点。充分运用宣传文案和视觉设计,打造出高品质,无污染,功能强大且极具冰岛特色的品牌形象。

Keynatura©️ Icelandic food supplement company,branding / planning /packaging / web ,2014
Keynatura is an Icelandic biotech company focus on culturing microalgae and producing Astaxanthin supplement. Algae cells are the key element of their core technology. Our studio helped them with the visual system and marketing plan. We draw an Icelandic map using the polka dot pattern and attached on a sphere, to convey the following idea: The ambition of the team is to make the globe healthier using their Icelandic unique algae technology. The theme colour of orange, red and black comes from the colour of Astaxanthin in different states. The picture of glacier and volcano are used as theme image to show the Icelandic unique nature and represent that the products are super clean and full of healthy energy.
In the package design, we use an environment-friendly aluminium material to punch a little can with a logo embossed on the lid. This design makes the product stand out on the shelf from the other supplements.

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