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Guide to Iceland, website, UI/UX design, 2019
Guide to Iceland is the world's largest platform for Icelandic travel information and services. We use 2 years to redesign the whole website, upgrade the UI/UX design, improve the user experience of the exploring and purchasing flow. We created a UI design toolbox for the brand. The mobile performance was upgraded, we also redesigned the back-end product managment system.

Guide to Iceland是冰島最大的旅行信息和產品交易平臺,匯聚了逾千家本地旅遊業供應商。我們用兩年的時間對網站的結構與UI/UX 設計進行了優化,制定了壹套UI設計規範工具,改進了用戶端的瀏覽交易體驗,優化了手機終端的表現,並重新設計了壹套後臺產品管理系統。

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Studio n/a is a diversified art studio based in Iceland.   無事是一間位於冰島的藝術工作室