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他山之石,装置 / 手工书,中央美术学院,2014

“Stones from another hill”, istallation / handmade book, CAFA, 2014
“Stones from another hill may serve to polish the native jade.” -- an old Chinese saying.
This project is for my graduation in CAFA after I finish my exchange study in Iceland. The idea comes from the experience of mine in Iceland about how hard to understand a total strange language like Icelandic. I realize that when language lost its semantics function, it still can be used as a media of emotion and feeling. Furthermore, the communication based on Google translate will bring language to a weird understanding. Instead of text, any object could be a media of memory.
I filmed 8 Icelandic young people telling a piece of their own story to a lava stone. So the stones could carry the stories back to China with me. I ground those stones to ash and sprinkled on the ground, printed on the wall. So that those Icelandic wild stories travelled to my exhibition and will travel even further by the viewer's shoes.
In the exhibition, I played those 8 films in monitors set in a circle. In the centre of the circle, I put a Chinese stone to record the memory of the exhibition as well. All those original sketches of those stories were edited into a handmade book.

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