workshop  工作坊          

Fine 饭   Restaurant,  branding,2016
‘Fine’ is a Chinese restaurant in downtown Reykjavík. In order to bring people purely Chinese taste experience, the owner insists on the rigorous selection of raw materials and the loyalty to food. So we made this name ‘Fine’, which is the homophone of ‘Rice’ (饭, pronounced ‘fàn’, also means food), the most basic Chinese food material. In visual design, we chose to use the calligraphy in a traditional Chinese color set, black-white-red. We hope diners can have a pure and simple gourmet

飯   餐廳品牌/策劃/推廣,2016

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Studio n/a is a diversified art studio based in Iceland.   無事是一間位於冰島的藝術工作室