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初梵治茶是杭州西湖畔一间龙井茶庄,为体现龙井茶恬淡的品性和禅茶一味的精神,我们将品牌命名为“初梵治茶”,意为用最本初的清净之心来研修茶道。并将品牌下的三个级别的茶命名为“一念” “清境” “自在”,意喻三种品茶参禅的境界。在视觉设计上,为体现茶农坚持古法手工制茶的特点,我们从茶农手中最熟悉的器具中提取元素,竹编器具是伴随采茶-晒茶-炒茶过程中必不可少的工具,它们的材质和纹样具有丰富的审美和实用价值。我们从中提取简化了蒲纹和六角形,另结合龙井茶的茶色,创作出初梵品牌的识别图形。

ChuFan©️ Longjing Tea,branding / planning /packaging ,2014
ChuFan is a tea farm in Hangzhou planting and making traditional Chinese tea “Longjing”. In order to embody the plain character and Zen spirit of Longjing Tea, we named the brand “ChuFan”, which means “to appreciate the tea art from the very beginning mind of Brahma”.  And we also named the 3 different grade of products by “one thought”, “state of clear” and “free” to symbolize the 3 levels of Zen spirit.  In visual design, we discovered a key element from the tea-making process, bamboo. The woven bamboo tools are the most common tool in tea collecting, drying and hand frying. We created a unique pattern inspired by the woven bamboo, and combined with the color of Longjing tea as the identity pattern of the brand.

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